Monday, October 22, 2012

Joshua Tree

 Can you believe these colors?!

Last weekend, I went to Joshua Tree to attend my friend Jodi's wedding. It was the best kind of wedding - under a bed of stars, a short, tender, and humorous ceremony reflecting the bride and groom’s distinct personalities, a dirt dance floor plus really good tunes, and a table filled with all sorts of yummy desserts. I had so much fun, I forgot to take any photos. The off-road adventure to attend the wedding in my friend Ji’s Prius was equally memorable.

While in Joshua Tree, I played the tourist along with Pete and some of my favorite gals. We went to Desert Christ Park in neighboring Yucca Valley and visited the tiniest museum ever - the Crochet Museum in Joshua Tree. We drank beers at Pappy and Harriott's and put quarters in the juke box. There, I also ate a crazy amount of chili. In the car, I sang loudly along with a new friend to Loretta's "Coal Miner's daughter" while Pete drove us through the long, quiet, undulating desert streets. We hiked a little in the Joshua Tree National Park, and visited Cap Rock where Phil Kaufman set the corpse and coffin of Gram Parson ablaze. The desert is an interesting, serene, weird, sacred place, and I feel lucky to live only a few hours away.


  1. great photos and sounds like a fun time. of course, it's hard not to have a blast there. we recently went to pappy and harriet' it :D

  2. How incredible! Sounds like a perfect little escape!

  3. As always, your photos are amazing - and those crochet poodles!!! I wish we had spent the night out there and joined your caravan. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person!!! The wedding was beautiful! I realized that I hardly got any pictures either because I was too busy dancing -the music was particularly GREAT!!!

    1. Mr. Tiny, it was a supreme pleasure meeting you as well. I also really enjoyed chatting with your lil sis. She is quite a doll. Hopefully, we will cross paths again real soon.

  4. Wow - what a fabulous place! I am desperate now to visit the Crochet Museum - and I love the desert pics. Yo are gorgeous as ever - love your boots. Sarah xxx

  5. I just love love love your blog, the wonderful vibes, fabulous clothing, amazing photography. Reading about your sunny adventures keeps me warm in the cold rain up north!

  6. I am loving your blog...newest follower here! :)


  7. Thank you, and thanks for following.


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