Friday, November 5, 2010

lovely lavender loafers and a vow to get fit

City Hall
I’m not going to blame getting older, because I don’t believe in that shit for now, but I feel like something powerful is pushing me towards comfort, which is why I’ve been wearing these lovely lavender loafers by Cole Haan all week. And speaking of not speaking of getting older (and perhaps being out of shape), I have decided to get fit again. To support this endeavor, yesterday evening I went to a Pop Physique class. Pop Physique is an intense fitness class that blends elements of pilates, yoga, ballet bar work, and light repetitive weight lifting. The teacher assured me that the crazy leg shaking I was experiencing was a good sign. This is what a Pop Physique class sounds like : “Shoulder blades down. corset up those abs. tuck your pelvis. now re-tuck. tuck, tuck, tuck. tuck left, tuck right. Tuck, tuck, hold. Tuck, tuck, hold.” I’m in so much pain today; I could barely brush my hair this morning without pain on account of the push ups & weight lifting. I will probably switch to yoga, my dance work out videos, and running because Pop Physique is pretty pricey.

Tonight, I’m taking my niece, Anna, to see a performance of “Annie.” I haven’t seen her as often these days because I’ve been out of town every weekend. This weekend, Pete & I are going out of town again, and I’m super excited for this adventure. We’re going to Joshua Tree, and we’re staying in the room that Gram Parsons died in. My wardrobe for the weekend is going to be pretty rock and roll in honor of the fallen angel.

Alrightee friends, enjoy life!

Outfit: 60s olive-green skirt (thrifted); I love this color!!!, vintage Kenzo top (thrifted) & Cole Haan shoes (Cole Haan Outlet at Stateline, $40, people!)

'Age' is the acceptance of a term of years. But maturity is the glory of years.
-- Martha Graham

Time wounds all heels.
-- Dorothy Parker

I intend to live forever, or die trying.
-- Groucho Marx


  1. Annie! This is something I have been wanting to rent the kids forever I think they have caught a half of the movie a while back and it is one of my favorites. Had some time to read through your blog and you are just great and you are not old and you are in the best shape so go on with your bad self and enjoy Joshua Tree!!! Muah...Renee

  2. Lavender & olive green!! Yummy!
    Y'know,I've never seen Annie.I don't think it was as big in my part of the world!
    Your poor muscles!Eeek,the things we do to ourselves!I have to say though,that age is definetly slowing me down....but not tooooo much!

  3. Awh, those shoes are so pretty! I love lavender :) And the mid-length skirt is perfect!



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