Monday, November 29, 2010

floral and plaid, green and tangerine

floral & plaid in pukey green & tangerine
gold glitter
lookin spooked
not sure why I look so spooked in that last photo. I wore this outfit on Saturday to run some errands. I hardly ever wear these socks, but I saw them hanging out of my sock drawer & then I saw this 60s floral wiggle skirt & I thought they'd go well together. I had just washed this boxy cropped 60s plaid jacket, and so I added it to my ensemble. I love when an outfit comes together like this -- in little over 5 minutes. I have had these 70s platforms for so long now -- goodness, maybe up to 7 years. I have lots of shoes & for some reason, I always come back to these.
There is no way a pair of new platforms would hold up for this long, which is why I am forever committed to vintage.

Outfit: 60s cropped jacket, 60s floral skirt, and 70s platforms (thrifted), vintage gold round sunglasses (Long Beach Veteran's Flea Market), green seahorse brooch (boutique in Nashville, TN), floral socks (can't remember)


  1. Hurrah for vintage,it was made to last!
    Fab colours! fab shoes! Fab palm tree!!

  2. Your blog is a very nice discovery for me who happens to love vintage stuff too! You have so many great vintage clothing and items, I'm jealous, lol!
    Be sure to check out my blogs!


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