Monday, November 8, 2010

kickin up dirt in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is truly a setting worthy of the 1930s organza dandelion seed dress that I bought from Clever Nettle quite a while back. One could easily go 1930s glam with this dress, but I thought I’d wear it in the style of a desert cowgirl. I wish I wasn’t such a half-ass though -- my under slip is visibly scrunched up in all these photos. Pretty Boy Pete dressed up too in a vintage sparkly sport coat (recently thrifted in Vegas), vintage Levi’s stay press & his newly purchased vintage beatle boots. He found these boots at thrift store here in Joshua Tree. Throughout the course of our trip, I caught him many times sighing over and making googly eyes at them. They’re just a tad too small for him, but he’s smitten, and what’s a few blisters in the face of true love. True Love never did come easy. Still, I feel like I’ve corrupted him slightly. I just adore the dress I’m wearing, but I regret to inform you I did tear a few rips in the dress while kicking up dirt in the desert. Until 10:00 p.m folks, I’m built for speed, and old beautiful dresses such as these just don’t hold up. Now to hang it back up in the backroom, where I can admire it daily. kickin up dirt
The lime- green orb of light is actually Gram Parsons.
30s organza dandelion seed dress in Joshua Tree

Thrift stores were fruitful in Joshua Tree. I found a 50s mohair scarf, dead stock Bass oxfords, an olive- green Greek fisherman’s cap ( a rare color for this hat), and some stuff to sell on Etsy one day hopefully soon.

Stay tuned for more posts on Gram Parsons’ room at the Joshua Tree Inn, Joshua Tree National Park, and spandex rock & roll get-ups.

Outfit: 30s dress (Clever Nettle), vintage cowboy hat, which looks an awful lot like the one Gram Parsons always wore (Long Beach Flea Market), vintage motorcycle boots (thrifted), snake necklace (thrifted). Other accessories: cross necklace & earring.


  1. OMG that is a stunning frock,and I LOVE the way you've styled it!! The 3rd pic is my fave,but the kicking up dirt ones are fab too!
    Great setting,Joshua Tree is an amazing area!I find it so bizarre that people live in such arid and remote places!It just seemed so far from anywhere,and barely a soul in sight!

  2. Thanks Helga! Many musicians visit the area & perform at Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneertown. But it's another thing to live here year round. It gets pretty windy & dust kind of kicks up on its own. There's not much to do but relax, climb rocks, hike, look at a sky full of stars. Simply great for a mini-vacation though!

  3. God I love that dress. I'm glad you bought it, it deserves to be worn by someone with your incredible style! xo


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