Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Room 8, and the Joshua Tree National Park

Gram Parsons & Nudie (I would love to have a Nudie suit!)
Gram Parsons and Nudie
Gram Parsons spent a lot of time out in Joshua Tree, and loved the magical desert dearly. When he overdosed in Room 8 of the Joshua Tree Inn, his step dad made plans to have his body sent to Louisiana for the funeral. Phil Kaufman, Parsons’ road manager, was outraged because he knew that Parsons wanted his ashes strewn across the desert in Joshua Tree. As such, Kaufman and another friend rented a hearse, drove to LAX, and convinced an airline employee that they needed to take the coffin & Parsons’ body because plans had changed. Then they drove to Cap Rock in Joshua Tree and set the coffin and body on fire - an amateur cremation. Hey, that’s what friends are for. Read more about this legendary story here.
Room 8
in gram parsons' room

We spent several hours in Room 8 listening to the Byrds’ country album “Sweetheart of the Rodeo,” in which Parsons’ sings. Then I danced on the tile floor to the music of the Rolling Stones, while Pete relaxed in the Chesterfield chair he had come to love, so much that he asked the front desk if he could buy it. They said “no”. While listening to the Rolling Stones, we thought we heard a thump, and attributed it to Parsons, since he was buddies with Keith & Mick. Other than that, Parsons’ didn’t make much of an appearance. But we still honored him by listening to some good old country music, and I wore a rock and roll get up about town and at Joshua Tree National Park.
Barker Dam, Joshua Tree
I bought this necklace in Joshua Tree. Because of the brown specks, it's considered Brown Turquoise, symbolizing wild horses, symbolizing freedom, symbolizing naked cowgirls, symbolizing me.
Joshua Tree National Park
Keith Richards & Gram Parsons in Joshua Tree
Dawn at Joshua Tree: Keith Richards & Gram Parsons by Michael Cooper

Joshua Tree, I miss you already and it’s only been two days.

Outfit: 80s bandage dress, vintage Wrangler studded jacket, heart belt, and vintage motorcycle boots. (everything thrifted), AA knee high socks & bicycling shorts. Though my wardrobe is diverse, I feel most comfortable in this type of outfit. This jacket is one of my most cherished pieces. Growing up scrawny & poor, I was used to scrapping. I don’t scrap anymore because I don’t have to, but this outfit says something of the inner toughness (or maybe confidence is a better word) that I want to preserve.

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Until next time, kids.


  1. Ohh am I jealous!! Spectacular scenery and the ghost of dear GP-- sounds incredible.
    I really love your jacket and your hat, too. You pull off the bohemian/desert gypsy aesthetic so well; it's really fabulous.

  2. Thanks, Dakota. Well, you're lucky in that you don't have to travel very far at all for spectacular scenery. I would like to spend a lot more time in New England, that's for sure. But you should definitely make your way out to Cali one day & I will show you around.


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