Friday, September 6, 2013

Hwy 395

Lake Sabrina, near Bishop.
looks like a Bristol Cone tree
our lodging for the night
Keough Hot Springs pool, Bishop, CA.
amazing Hollyhocks in Bridgeport, CA.
Pete and I spend Labor Day weekend on Hwy 395 in the Eastern Sierra nearly every year. Even though we’ve been there several times, there is still so much to discover. This year, we slept in a covered wagon in Bridgeport, swam in the historic (built in 1919) Keough Hot Springs pool (it’s actually not that hot, since the pool is regulated by a cool water mist fountain), and hiked a few miles up the majestic Mount Whitney to the magical Lone Pine Lake (not pictured in this post. Still need to develop that role of film). In the Inyo National Forest, we found all kinds of creeks and lakes in which to play. I’m even considering taking up fly fishing for next year’s trip. While in the towns along Hwy 395, we ate at local restaurants and bars. In Jake’s Saloon in the town of Lone Pine, we shared a sweet remembrance of an old friend prompted by a David Allen Coe tune. Also in Lone Pine, we stumbled upon a real-deal garage sale - as in vintage accessories were like 25 cents a piece. I came away with several vintage hats and purses (including the red sun hat I’m wearing in this post) for $5!

Happy Friday! I’m stoked for tonight because I’m going to see Dwight Yoakam perform at the Palladium in Hollywood. Yippee!

Outfit # 1: 50s plaid shorts, vintage cotton top, vintage hiking boots (thrifted) \
Outfit # 2: Baja hoodie (thrifted) jeans with a name so stupid I’m too embarrassed to tell you (American Rag), reissued Van Doren daisy print shoes by Vans.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love your sleeping accommodations and the scenery. Also, you're just too cute for words in your hiking ensemble!

  2. i must know more about the covered wagon! looks like a beautiful trip. we've camped up in that area several times, it's always gorgeous.

    1. The covered wagon is on the Virginia Creek Settlement in Bridgeport. Just $30 a night. Your kids would love it. There's cabins on the property as well.


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