Wednesday, September 11, 2013

cosmic neon thrifted mash up

What magnificent force is responsible for uniting thrifted pieces together in such wondrous harmony? I shall never know, but when it happens, I’m positively pleased. I’m pretty sure this look is inspired by Kathleen Hanna’s wardrobe in The Punk Singer. In the documentary, she wore a wonderfully gaudy lime green and purple vintage outfit combination, and I thought “her outfit must surely be thrifted, and golly those pieces were meant for each other, and my, she looks so young.” And then I realized once again that the fountain of youth is a boisterous outfit and a bad ass attitude.


  1. I know that feeling! I usually don't believe in fate, but when thrifted pieces find each other to make such a fabulous outfit, it almost makes a believer out of me!
    Love that outfit, your choice for photo backdrop, and your statement concerning the fountain of youth- brilliant.

  2. So great and it does remind me of Kathleen Hannah! I'm loving the last line of this post. I'm often wondering if I'm dressing too young for my age, but then I throw on a pair of gigantic earrings and don't really care. :)


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