Thursday, April 18, 2013

hot pink work clothes

Most of the outfits that grace this blog are my weekend attire, but this hot pink number is an outfit that I wore to work, where I have to at least dress the part of a professional. And even though I can’t wear crop tops into the office, I still have a fair amount of freedom. I mean I’m wearing a 50s hot pink mohair coat (which I recently thrifted for $3!). When I do leave the office setting (which I will do one day in the near future), I might actually miss daily dressing up as a professional. But then I guess I’ll just have to take the office to the streets, or to the Port of Los Angeles, in this case. If you’re wondering why I’m hanging out at the Port of Los Angeles, it’s because minutes before I was wearing a long Gunne Sax, tied up in heavy rope, laying on the railroad tracks, for Stacy’s photography class assignment. We definitely got some lookers, which I scared away with a most heinous facial expression. Thanks to my friend and vintage selling partner, Stacy, for taking these photos.

Outfit: 60s knit dress, 50s mohair coat (thrifted), shoes (Stuart Weitzman).


  1. I Love the colour, the outfit is lovely, but I don't agree with the shoes that much. I think some peeptoes would have been more chic. But these look comfortable though.
    Lovely blog, always like to have a look.


  2. Swoon I fricking love hot pink and you look gorgeous. So jealous to hear you will be leaving your office job! xx


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