Monday, April 1, 2013

built for speed

One snap of a vibrant outfit I wore recently, seated on the now empty bleachers that will be soon be filled with racing fans for the Grand Prix in Long Beach. Though the incessant whizzing of the race cars drives many Long Beachians nuts, as one who has always been drawn to fast times, I find the steady hum to be comforting - a reminder that despite my 9-5 job and adult responsibilities, underneath it all I still really feel that I am built for speed.

This weekend, I let loose with some dancing to Restaurant, a sped-up stripped-down country blues band, and instead of making plans for my family for Easter as the responsible head, I spent the day at a brunch with dear friends, eating tons of spaghetti and way too much pie and cake. Hope you had a nice Easter too!

Outfit: vintage Orlon sweater, Ralph Lauren checkered blouse, vintage electric blue shorts. (thrifted), Espadrilles (Michael Kors).


  1. Fabulous shot my dear you look killer, why do we have 9-5 jobs pffft x


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