Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Though I could never live in Seattle on account of the perpetual rain and cold, I really enjoyed our brief stay there. What I most loved about Seattle was its appreciation for old buildings, landmarks, and businesses. For instance, every restaurant that we dined at was either a converted old building or had been in business for many decades, many since the 1950s or earlier. Restaurants that have been in business this long and still retain old world charm really get my heart racing. Sometimes I get so excited, I can hardly eat. In Los Angeles, the nostalgia of The Pantry, Phillipe’s, and Clifton’s Cafeteria, get me revved. In Seattle, it was Dick's that sent me into overdrive.

Drawn in initially by the catchy retro sign - a beacon of old-timey goodness - it was the individually whipped chocolate shake that cemented my love for Seattle’s oldest fast food restaurant, in business since the 1950s. Long live Dick’s! Can you spot Pete in the photo below?

Another 50s landmark in Seattle is the Hat n’ Boots, which we encountered upon entering the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. Apparently, the cowboy boots originally served as the restrooms and the red cowboy hat served as the office for Premium Tex Texaco Gas Station.

When in Seattle, I dressed like a complete caricature of Seattle fashion, wearing ripped jeans, a beanie (also not in this photo but contributing to my grunge look, I completed my outfit with a mohair cardigan and monkey boots), and my oldest thrift store find, my beloved Seattle shirt. Below you will find a baby faced me wearing my Seattle shirt at 16 years old. That's 17 years, folks! If shirts could talk, I’m sure this one would thank me for appreciating and loving it for such a long time.

"Out with the new, in with the old." - Crystal Lee


  1. so rad! i wonder what ever happened to my monkey boots? although i unfortunately got rid of lots of my vintage after high school, i still have several pieces which are my favorites. i love your seattle shirt and i bet you're stoked you never got rid of it :D

    dick's looks pretty awesome! i've only been to seattle once when i was senior in high school and i didn't get to do much sight seeing. i'd love to go back one day.

    oh yeah, i love phillipe's too!

  2. Ohh wow! 16 year old you was a babe! I wish i looked that good at such a tender age >_<!

    Hehe Dick's looks like the place to be. I bet the food is amazing too! xxx

  3. whoa, that was 17 years ago? you haven't aged a day!

    glad you got to visit my city! wish you could see it now, though. it's been in the mid-70s low-80s all week, and this charmed weather is supposed to continue for the next couple of weeks!

  4. nice xx :))

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  5. I thought it had been a while since you'd posted - but not 2 months! Hope everything is ok!!


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