Monday, June 4, 2012

velvet cowgirl

You've seen these velvet cigarette pants before, but I’ve just realized what a perfect pair of cowgirl pants they make. In them, I’m ready to face the world with a raucous whoop. I actually wore this outfit to the Topanga Folk Fest the other day, which was not really the best idea since it was nearly 100 degree outside, and velvet=sweaty buns. On this day, I split the butt seam, and that was even before I got to square dancing. Luckily, I had a sewing kit in my car, and it was an easy fix. Along with these pants, this Victorian crop top is another wardrobe fave. I wear it all the time; it’s made some frequent appearances on the blog. Considering its age, it’s a miracle that it has held up so well.

and here is my nephew, Nicholas. Let him crawl into your heart and warm it all up.
I had such a wonderfully productive and delightful weekend. I got in plenty of exercise - dancing for hours on Friday night at Secret Affair (luckily for me, this was a less crowded night, and I had plenty of room to bust a move), and then a Pop Physique class on Saturday morning. I finally got my hair done, and since my hair had already faded to a desirable red, we only had to dye my roots, which is great because I was starting to worry that my hair routine would be too much maintenance for my personality. I also did some much needed deep cleaning around the house. I used my weekend hours wisely, and I’m proud of myself.

Outfit: 50s velvet cigarette pants (Ebay), victorian crop top (Antique store on Hwy 395), vintage shortie cowboy boots (thrifted), vintage cowboy hat (Antique Mall in Long Beach).


  1. Those pants are amazing you rock the hell out of them (literally it seems), the vest is really pretty. Your hair looks gorgeous that colour, and your nephew is too cute!Have a great week xx

  2. Wish I could pull off pants like that - they look amazing!


  3. I LOVE your cowgirl take on those cigarette pants! I want every piece of this outfit!

  4. Oh my gosh, those pants are something else. What a fun piece! Your blog is so cute!

  5. I can't even believe those pants are real, they are SO amazing.

    Once I made the mistake of wearing my red velvet 60s hot-pants, WITH opaque tights underneath, around exploring a foreign city on a summer's day. Boy, did I have a sweaty bum by the end of it.

  6. Wonderful look adorable and loving those velvet pants!


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