Wednesday, April 18, 2012

when the angels are curling your hair and the devil is scratching your heel.

Vintage 70s space dyed sweaters always sell, and I don’t usually keep any for myself because I generally do not have a very “boho” style, but I’m afraid I might be keeping this long blue hooded one, even though I had every intention of selling it when Stacy took these photos. I’ve been wearing it with everything including a 1930s white eyelet dress, and then with cut off jean shorts with over the knee knit socks. These photos were taken in my favorite little neighboring town, San Pedro, on an overcast day when the sun shyly peaked through to say hello.

The Woody Guthrie convention at the University Southern California and ensuing celebration concert at Club Nokia was a rewarding and exhilarating experience. I learned so much about my hero and his time spent in Los Angeles. My only wish was that there would have been more folks at the convention and more minorities at the concert. I felt pretty embarrassed to be surrounded by only white faces, especially when Woody Guthrie was a social activist for all Americans, which he demonstrated in his songs and his actions, and he’s so relevant today what with all the home foreclosures, and homeless folks, and people out of work, and heartless immigration policies. The highlight of the day was when Ramblin” Jack Elliott, a buddy to Woody Guthrie, performed. He covered Woody Guthrie’s “Pretty Boy Floyd” with so much heart, drawling out the lyrics, that I couldn’t help but tear up. Jackson Brown impressed me too with his song “You know the Night” based on a long love letter that Woody Guthrie had written his second wife, Marjorie. More than ever, I want to write songs like these.

I took photos of this weekend’s outfits, and they turned out mighty cute too I might add, but my SD card got corrupted somehow, so I won’t be able to show em’ to you. I took a few film photos from this weekend that I will show you once they’re processed. I’m definitely gonna recreate my outfits soon because I hate for a good outfit to go to waste. Hope you’re well.


  1. You look gorgeous, your hair has gotten so long. Shame about the audience demographic and lack there of, but at least you got to see your hero. Look forward to those outfits doll;)

  2. Beautiful as always!!

    The conference sounds like such a wonderful thing! Sad that there's such a limited (and, ahem, white) audience for that kind of music, though. You're very right, Woody Guthrie's just as relevant today as sixty years ago (the Trayvon Martin case is just another sad reminder that the injustice and prejudice Guthrie rallied against has yet to be overcome).

  3. beautiful photos- totally obsessed with that cardigan!


  4. the beach setting for that cardigan is perfection.

    and wow, i can't believe you saw ramblin' jack elliot in person! there are a few performances i've seen that i will always keep close my my heart. patti smith gave a reading of "just kids" that i attended, and she sang "because the night" a capella. i will always, alway remember that.

    1. Wow, Nichole. I would love to see Patti Smith perform. That is a truly memorable experience.

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