Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter in trees, on the beach, in turquoise shorts

lavender cones = spring!
and he's off. Baby Nicholas in action.
with my brother, Josh
Pete looks like a grumpy old man w/his petal lips. Photo by Anna.
Howdy folks. Hope ya’ll had a nice Easter. I spent Easter outdoors with my family, which beats going to church any day. Hanging out in trees is how I worship. Baby Nicholas, my nephew, is now 7 months old. He’s crawling around and pretty well behaved, except for when he cried for one hour straight when we were about to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant. He hasn’t seen my family for a couple of months, so I think he was anxious. After he napped, we all walked to the park and had ourselves a real nice time.

Usually I would wear a dress on Easter, but I’ve been really into turquoise lately, and these 50s shorts just sing Spring.

Outfit: 50s turquoise shorts (Elsewhere Vintage, Orange Circle), vintage crochet top (thrifted), red Keds (thrifted), 50s oversized red clutch (Vet’s Flea Market, $10).


  1. Your shorts and that viewfinder are perfect together! You always find the best public spots to pose in your outfits :)

    Love the shot of you and Pete in the tree!

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