Friday, April 13, 2012

in youth's garb

This is one of my favorite dresses, mostly so because it enhances my inward feeling of perpetual youth. Even though I’ve faced my share of hardships and responsibilities, I still feel like a teenager in many ways. I sometimes forget that I am an adult. Maybe one day ( when I’m like 70 years old), I will dress a bit more sophisticated, but for now I just want to have fun.

Even though I’m a youngster at heart, I like some pretty old fashioned stuff. For instance, this Saturday, I’m going to be celebrating Woody Guthrie all day with a conference and then a “This Land is Your Land” concert afterward. Woody Guthrie would have been 100 years old had he been alive today, and celebrations of his life and legacy are going on all across the United States.

I’ll be selling at the Long Beach Flea Market this Sunday too, if any of ya’ll would like to stop by and say hello. I’ll be in Space D 558.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Photos by Elliott.

Outfit: 50s pastel dress (Flashback Vintage in Orange, like 10+ years ago), vintage turquoise sweater (formerly belonged to a friend, but I've had it so long I'm obliged to consider it mine, probably thrifted), Kork Ease sandals.


  1. I adore the frock;you look just beautiful in it!
    I hope you'll always dress for fun,no matter how old you are/get!! Too many misery guts types out there,dressed for funerals as it is!
    Have a splendid time celebrating the great Woody!

  2. Gorgeous frock!! And 'ditto' to Helga.
    Also envious you have a Woody Guthrie conference near you; that sounds amazing. It's funny to see everyone all worked up about the Titanic centennial (...which is obviously important), when I'm all thrilled about this 100-year anniversary! Haha. Have a great time!

  3. I'm in love with those sandals, they look so good on you! Cute dress, too.

  4. love the cork ease sandals and the dress. i bought so many clothes at flashback when i was in high school. it was definitely my favorite vintage shop.

    have fun celebrating!


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