Monday, September 26, 2011

a renegade canyon photoshoot

Last weekend, Pete and I did a renegade photo shoot out in the canyon. We trespassed on an old abandoned ranch, and nobody really noticed us even though there were hikers out and I was wearing some pretty fancy vintage clothing and laying all over the ground and inside hollow trees. Unfortunately, the photos inside the hollow tree was underexposed (my light meter died), but I’ll be back to capture this image. The inside (womb) of the tree was smooth and milky & insect free & I was snug as a bug, and I thought while lying there, “I should have a coffin like this when I die.” There were the most perfect holes in the tree exposing my outfit and face in a very artistic way, but I guessed what aperture to shoot at based on my very limited experience & I was wrong, but that’s how learning goes, right?

We also tried out some new photographic techniques, namely using a piece of colored acetate over the lens to add splashes of color. I have to give credit to the talented Jaja of July Stars for this marvelous lo fi idea. I also got a new soft focus lens filter. I’m going to be experimenting with photography a whole lot more, and I’m so glad I found such a fun hobby. As always, thank you to Pete for joining me in this hobby & always taking my photo.

My first outfit in this photo is somewhat “ranch-wear” influenced. I’m wearing a turn of the century underskirt and vintage slip tank, a brown-turquoise (even though it’s white, it’s still called that) necklace which is annoyingly turned the wrong way in the first photo, awesome vintage piano key suspenders (a gift from the darling Marissa of Stylebook vintage who sent them to me even though I am so undeserving of such kindness given how much money I spend on vintage clothing & accessories, but thank you, thank you!), and Pete’s vintage coat, which was actually the first piece I ever thrifted for him, probably about 8 years ago. My favorite accessories are definitely suspenders, and western bow ties, bolo ties, garter belts. Speaking of garter belts, in my last outfit, I’m wearing a yellow floral 1930s dress with garter belts which are holding up 50s thigh highs. You may not be able to tell but I’m wearing two different color thigh-highs in the same tonal range - bruised nectar & keylime pie (my names). The dress needs some work, but in the mean time I just safety pinned it wherever I see fit. Thank goodness for safety pins! I am an awful seamstress.

You can expect to see a lot more posts from me this week.


Crystal Lee


  1. These photos are fantastic - that colour splash effect is really effective! Can't wait to see more of your experiments!

  2. Wonderful photos, I love every outfit especially the yellow dress and stockings. You and your fella seem to live a perfectly idyllic life! x

  3. These were definitely worth trespassing for!! These photos are perfection. The color splashes make things look even more beautiful and dream-like. I really love that yellow dress!! Can't wait to see the tree photos, too, that sounds amazing.

  4. Thanks, gals. Your encouraging comments mean a lot to me.


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