Tuesday, September 6, 2011

California's Eastern Sierra

I’ve got some stories to tell you folks, but I’m afraid I don’t have the time just yet. Just returned from a mini trip along Hwy 395, in California’s Eastern Sierra. You may remember this place from last year’s Labor day holiday (here, here, here, here) There’s just so much to see in the Eastern Sierra that we just had to go back, and honestly we’ll probably return every year. There’s desert, forest, lakes, old western towns, and ancient stuff, like the bristle cone pines - trees that are over 3000 years old, older than the old growth Sequoia trees. In fact, they’re the oldest trees in the world! And then there’s more goodies like old watering hole bars, friendly folks, yummy homemade pies and fried chicken, neon lit hotels, and some of the best antique shops I’ve ever encountered! For now, here is a lil’ preview of my trip. I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. More anecdotes and photos to come soon.
ancient bristlecone pine tree and us
ancient bristlecone pine tree

Virginia City, NV


Lake Tahoe

I love lakes! Lake Tahoe.



  1. This looks incredible! Wish I could stop off there on my LA-Vegas roadtrip I'm doing for the next few weeks :) x

  2. This looks beautiful. We need to have din din so you can tell me all about it!! ~Stacy

  3. Those bristle cone pines are incredible! I'd love to do some exploring out that way, we've been talking about some road trips we could do that aren't too far from home. That area is definitely on our list!

  4. cute post, i'm going to enjoy reading your blog!

  5. 3000 year old trees! We're hoping to travel to the USA next year, and I really really want to go to California. Fingers crossed for me mkay

  6. Teeny, your name is cute. I hope you make it out to Cali! But the USA has soooo much beauty, I'm sure you'll find something you love no matter where you go. Where are you from?


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