Thursday, June 30, 2011

we're having a high time

If I weren’t a “professional” for 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month, I’d be half-naked all dang Summer; the sun is my lover, my muse, my fountain of youth.  Oh Beatific Summer, I am howling happy for your arrival! As with every Summer, I will be an idealistic imp, madly pursuing adventures under the sun until it all comes to an end.  Last Saturday, I hosted a Celebrate Summer Skate & BBQ with some of my former teammates. Man, these gals are good for my soul. They’re reckless and witty and just so fun to be around.
I love Mexican Coke in a bottle. I allow myself one a week during the Summer.




From left to right: Judy Gloom, Furious Georgette, Paris Kilton, Vulvarine, Tawdry Tempest, Janis Choplin, Jihad

I majorly scored when I found these deadstock 50s madras shorts (first picture) in the junior section of the thrift store recently. and I was super happy to rediscover this vintage crochet halter top in my wardrobe, though it fell apart before we started skating, but it's an easy fix.

Lots more summer outfits to come. Much Love,

Crystal Lee


  1. You are such a babe. I definitely want you to show me the good shit... especially if it involves thrift stores! xo

  2. ahhh summer! you look perfect for it!

  3. Those sunglasses are brilliant, and your hair looks cute x


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