Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the blessed unrest that keeps me marching forward

In an effort to step up the “risk-factor” in my life, yesterday, I went to the track to skate with the Wreck League (recreational league) and got my ass handed to me.  I hadn't been on the banked track in over two years, and I was bout as rusty as a pair of old metal skates left to rot in an abandoned tool shed.  I'm bruised and battered and my ego is shattered, but I will probably go back for more another time.  Now, I'm thinking about less-painful physical activities.  I'm really interested in taking some classes at the Circus School in Los Angeles, and I'm especially keen on the aerial classes. Has anyone tried this before?

Another thrill seeker is my little niece Anna who just keeps getting more ballsy with age. I really admire children and their no-fear attitudes. When we were hanging out in San Pedro the other day, she would run up steep hills, lead us through wire fences, pick up sticks and pose like some kind of miniature warrior, and we could hardly keep up, though we were certainly trying.
Outfit: 60s babydoll lingerie top, vintage leather shorts (thrifted), ballet flats (Nordstrom's Rack). Anna is wearing an 80s dress (thrifted).


  1. Ouucchh - that does not sound fun! Hope your next attempt is less painful!

    What a precious child! That smile is adorable!

  2. You and your niece are adorable. Circus school sounds amazing.

  3. i love your dress, and these pictures are so cute!

    <3 steffy
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