Sunday, June 12, 2011

the cacti are in bloom: a photoshoot with Avie

I did a photo shoot yesterday with my fourteen year old friend, who I've known since birth, Avalon a.k.a. Avie, an articulate, loquacious, rebellious, and insightful young lady. She is the daughter of a childhood friend that I have wreaked havoc with for nearly 20 years. It was so fun dressing Avie up in pieces from the shop and my own wardrobe. She was a most excellent model. I had a blast photographing her around my old stomping grounds -- the Orange Circle in Orange County and Silverado Canyon just up the hill. In the canyon, we drove around with the top down until the road became rocky. We stopped and took photos in front of the blooming cactus and chapparal and wildflowers, and the whole place seemed even more beautiful than I remembered it. We rested along side a stream and ate cherries & chips, running from insects, and admiring huge butterflies as they flew overhead. Avie dj'd a bit while we were driving around the canyon and we sang along to the Smiths. I sang soprano & she sang alto and Morrissey was somewhere in the middle. Then she played Bauhaus & Cypress Hill. She was shocked that I didn't like trance music (I find it nauseating). Then we went thrift store shopping & ate at In N Out. I ate a grilled cheese animal style (I'm trying my hardest not to eat any meat) and we also shared some animal style fries, which I didn't even know about. I think I prefer regular old fries though. I'm so happy with how these photos turned out that I have to show you all of em, so there's a good many to eww & ahh over.





rose tree

I want a pink home

the cactus are in bloom

portrait of teenage angst


avie wears avocados

can you believe this dress? It has a print of avocados, limes & lemons.
no trespassing


taken by Avalon
and then this is the outfit I wore. photo taken by Avie.
I have no eyes
I have no eyes


  1. What a gorgeous girl - those blooms are also incredible! Love your greens :)


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