Friday, March 1, 2013


Hiya buds,

I've been sharing my outfits on this here blog for quite some time now (3+ years), and I don’t think I’ve ever done a round up of my favorites. So here it is. In compiling my favorite outfits, I'm realizing that maybe there is some consistency to my taste after all: polka dots, cigarette pants, sheer 50s tops, western ties, and bright colors. I’m shrinking my wardrobe, but pieces like these will remain because I feel happy when I wear them, and that’s important to me.

My blogging rhythm has been off since I got sick a few weeks back, so here’s some recent happenings to update you:

- I went to the Joffrey Ballet’s performance of “The Rite of Spring” recently. I had never seen “The Rite of Spring” performed before, so it was quite a thrill to watch. Thinking on the outrage that the Parisians  felt upon watching this avant garde piece in 1913 always makes me chuckle. The Joffrey Ballet also performed a very romantic piece filled with many beautiful backbends called “After the Rain” that I never wanted to end. Bonus: Christina Hendricks from Mad Men was right behind me in the will call line. She’s just as gorgeous in person!  

- I’ve been going to Bikram Yoga more frequently these days, and have enjoyed the meditative aspect of it. Also, it feels good to sweat out all the toxins (ie: cupcakes and cookies). I will, admit, however, that the routine at Bikram can get a little boring. I’d like to balance this with some dance classes.

- I’ve been working hard to get some more pieces in the shop. Last weekend, I teamed up with Fancy Disaster in a photoshoot of our vintage clothing. We had about 5 models, and it was so fun to style and hang out with these gals. Photos to come soon.

- I’m going to Big Sur for my birthday at the end of April, and I can’t wait.

- I’m getting so excited for my summer road trip along the Blues Highway, which will start in Memphis, TN, go through Mississippi, and end in New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s going to be hot and humid, so I’ll probably just be wearing lots of white cotton dresses and my reliable Keds. 

Well, I’m looking forward to a super sunny weekend. Do ya’ll have any trips planned that you’re excited about or anything that you’ve done recently that has made you giddy? 

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the post. I recently started doing yoga as well, but because it's done in my gym it does get repetitive, I totally feel you there. I am also born in April, but have no trips planned sadly. I hope yours is beautiful and you take many pictures :)

    1. Thanks. Hope you find something wonderful to do to celebrate your birthday too.

  2. Your variety in styling and vintage looks is awesome!

  3. Very cute! You sure have a great eye for dressing! And you have fun locations for pictures, too!


  4. Every look is great but the second shot is an inspiration (and not just because of the Swatch Watch wall clock). That sheer blouse and string tie combo is EVERYTHING! Have fun on all of your adventures; I can't wait to see a travelog and all of the neat stops you make along the road.

  5. I LOVE them so much!!! Besides clothes, I really like your pictures, I guess they are taken with a film camera, right?

    I ask because I'm interested in film photography...

    Btw, what a big luck you're in a sunny part of the world:)) Because here is still cold and winter is never ending.

    I bought a NYC flight ticket last month, so I'm also very excited to see USA for the first time, yay!

    Hugs from Istanbul!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, all the way from Istanbul. I mostly take film photos, though a few of these are digital. How exciting that you will be visiting NY! You will have a blast! Eat lots of pizza for me.

  6. They are my faves too. Just absolutely beautiful. My favouritey favouritest in the red bra on the floor.

    Sarah xxx


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