Monday, May 14, 2012

Goonies never die

Pacific County Courthouse, South Bend, Washington.

The view from the Pacific County Courthouse

I wish that this lavender shack of sweet goodness was open.
The Bowpicker in Astoria, Oregon, serves up some of the best Fish & Chips I've ever tasted.

our dream rental car. Astoria, OR

The Goondocks. Astoria, Oregon
Gloomy days make the perfect backdrop for pastel clothing, and in the Pacific Northwest, there’s no shortage of gloomy days. I didn’t pack too much pastel for my vacation, but I found this mint dress in Seattle, Washington, (I wish I remembered the name of the vintage store because the owner was so sweet). I wore it as we cruised along a portion of the Pacific Northwest coast, making stops in South Bend, Washington, and Astoria, Oregon. South Bend is a sleepy town, known for its oysters and for the beautiful Pacific County Courthouse that sits perched on the hill, overlooking the Willapa River. Unfortunately, the Pacific County Courthouse, which was erected in 1910, and features a stained glass dome roof, was closed to the public on Sundays. While in South Bend, I also visited a vintage/craft roadside store aptly named “Creepy Beautiful” (photos in a separate post), and the two contrasting words definitely sum up not only the store, but also the town. Astoria, Oregon, a charming seaside town, stole my nostalgic heart with its many early 20th century buildings that are still in use. It seems there’s a lot to do in the day time, including visiting all the old buildings turned museums (which we did not have time to do), eating the freshest, tastiest fish and chips and clam chowder, and of course, making a necessary stop at the Goondocks, where Chunk once did the truffle shuffle to the delight of my generation. Maybe it’s the fog and gloom that brings these "outcast" types together, but I noticed a lot of gothic, and/or 90s raver types, in Astoria, which only added the charm of this town that I’m already longing to return to.

Outfit: sheer mint dress (vintage store in Seattle Washington. Not sure if it’s vintage, but it looks to be homemade), silver disco sandals (vintage mall, Portland, Oregon).


  1. I need that dress, the details are gorgeous!


  2. Some of these photos look like stills from a movie! Very cinematic and beautiful; I'd love to venture to Astoria some day.


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