Sunday, May 8, 2011

nitro heaven: a day at the races

there's a gal driving this car at top speeds.
Pete and the Circuit Breaker.  the Circuit Breaker gets ready for take off.
The Circuit Breaker, top fuel nostalgic dragster, can go up to 250 miles per hour in 5.7 seconds, and it's pretty thrilling to see.
Anytime I go to the nostalgic drag races, I wear this vintage tank top that reads "Nitro Heaven" and features an old dragster. Top Fuel dragsters like the Circuit Breaker run on nitro methane -- two words that melt Pete's heart. Vintage tank tops featuring soft cotton, lace trim, and awesome screen prints like the one I'm wearing are pretty hard to find at the thrift store, and usually sell for an arm and a leg on Ebay. I have an 80s Harley one too. I feel like a bad ass in either one. Of course, I'd be a bigger bad ass if I was that gal driving the 56 Chevy in the first photo.

If you want to be transported to a bygone era where you can watch old fast cars & eat naughty food like buttery sweet corn on the cob and nachos, then I reckon you oughta spend a day at the nostalgic drag races.

Built for Speed,

Crystal Lee

Outfit: vintage tank top, 80s Moschino shorts (thrfited), Nine West sandals

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