Monday, May 16, 2011

Topanga Fiddle Banjo Contest and Folk Festival

This Sunday, banjos and mandolins serenaded the hills of the Santa Monica mountains for the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival. Under oak trees or up on the stage, old timey music set my feet to stomping and my heart to soaring. I could not have asked for a more beautiful day - the air was crisp though the sun was shining, the sky was bright blue, the clouds were fluffy, and I had my two best gals to spend the day with. I also got to visit with other friends who were attending the festival. I would go to a festival like this over Coachella anyday. Frank Fairfield, a young man with a real old soul, gave the best performance of the day. I wore an old turn of the century petticoat skirt that I recently picked up at an antique mall in Vegas. It’s so soft and fits just right. I paired it with suspenders & motorcyle boots, and I couldn’t have been more comfortable.

On Saturday night, Pete took me to see Prince perform. It was a last minute decision, and I’m so glad we went. What a show, and tickets were only $25! If you’re in Los Angeles and haven’t seen him yet, I believe he has a few more shows scheduled– you really must go. Prince looked amazing and I was so impressed with how he could dance so well in stiletto heels! I want to have a Prince hood ornament to place on my car. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Much love,

Crystal Lee


  1. OH MY GOD - YOU SAW PRINCE LIVE??? Hang on a sec... brain exploding from awesomeness.

    Love your lovely outfit - and that pic of you running away is so beautiful.

    I can't believe you saw Prince. I am envious, beyond belief. You lucky duck!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Suchhh pretty pictures! I couldn't agree more, such a festival looks 100x cooler than Coachella, and your outfit is amazing!

  3. The festival sounds just perfect, almost as perfect as your outfit. So so loving this outfit, seriously.


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