Sunday, December 5, 2010

the tall ship saileth upon our humble shores

Our beach is never as crowded as other Southern California beaches. This could be on account of the gussied up oil rigs in eye's view , or the slimy water rats that dart in between the rocks, or the urban legend that if one goes in Long Beach water they may develop an extra body part. It's even more desolate now since it's been so cold out. I certainly don't mind a lonely beach. As soon as Pete and I hit the sand, our eyes spotted a Tall Ship, anachronistically floating like a dream through out waters. We power walked to get a decent picture with my film camera. I was unable to get a picture because I don't have zoom, but Pete got one with my digital camera. Then I amused myself by chasing the birds, though I was a little worried they might attack me in a horror show kind of way. I ran along the beach in my sheer white dress & tights. There is something so refreshing & invigorating about running on the sand in a dress. Without even realizing it, Pete & I spent nearly an hour down at the beach, admiring the clouds, the hazy muted sky, thankful that we live by the beach, even if it is only Long Beach.
I've been a busy bee this weekend, and you can expect some more awesome finds in my Etsy store very soon.


Crystal Lee

Outfit: vintage 80s sheer secretary dress, motorcycle boots, vintage wool coat, (thrifted)

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  1. I'm sure Pete would have faithfully shot any bird horror movie antics!Glad there weren't any though!!! :)


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