Wednesday, January 8, 2014

my favorite color palette

I want to spend my days dressed like a sunset over the ocean.

 Photo # 1 taken with my phone in Huntington Beach, California.
Photo # 2 Chanel, Fall 2014,


  1. ooh, yes this is a good palette. This is definitely one of my favorites. I have a slouchy backpack purse like that I like to use (My sketchbook fits it perfectly). Its very native American like. I also like reds and blues and some orange mixed in.
    thanks for sharing, its very inspiring :)

  2. blues, keds, small towns, pigtails, Rocky Erikson, Twim Peaks, cutting your own hair, nature love, jonathan richman!? I'm smitten and can't believe I didn't find your blog sooner.
    Congrats on your wedding, it looked marvelous. You, your new husband and your photography are beautiful!

  3. Oh my that it a beautiful sunset of a skirt x

  4. I followed your blog years ago and just re-found it this morning. Makes my heart happy and colorful. Thank you for all the eye candy. Love love.

  5. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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