Saturday, December 3, 2011

what to wear when looking for the heart of saturday night

hey folks. hey Saturday. I've just been procrastinating the day away with excessive wardrobe changes, avoiding my messy home and trying to find an outfit worthy of a Saturday night. what to wear? hmmm? some shade of purple? probably.
Outfit #1:
influenced by cowpunks and House of Holland Spring 2012
Outfit # 2:
Outfit #3
And I still don't know what to wear, but at least I'm having fun. Happy weekend!

Outfit # 1: lavender silk dress, cow print vest, motorcycle boots (everything thrifted), brown turquoise (that is actually white) necklace(boutique in Joshua tree).
Outfit # 2: 50s lavender wool sweater, 60s wiggle skirt, 80s lavender pumps (everything thrifted).
Outfit #2: 90s purple mini jumper dress, tan turtleneck, Nine West vintage shoes, fishnet yellow socks (everything thrifted)


  1. Outfit two!!! :)

    Love the way you've styles your hair!

  2. It's no contest, you look so glam and sophisticated in outfit 2, like a brunette version of the typical Hitchcock lady! You should wear '60s skirts more often, they suit you. Also, I've never heard of a cowpunk, it's a fun blend of styles.

  3. The first outfit is perfection, although you look fabulous in all 3! <3

  4. I do adore all three, but the first one is my bestest favourite! hope you had a fantastical weekend x


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